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iWall is a Text-to-Screen and Picture-to-Screen software that allows you to create live mobile interaction at your events by letting the people send texts and pictures to the big screen from their mobile phones via SMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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    iWall allows you to show text messages and pictures sent by people at your events on a projection screen over different media.

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    All the content going to the screen is under your control. You can review each message before sending it to the projection screen.

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    You can also use iWall to conduct polls, allowing people to cast their vote using SMS text messages.

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    The poll results can be shown live on the projection screen while the voting takes place.

  • img/iwall_3_layout_small.jpg

    The projection screen appearance can be customized using the included screen layout editor.

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    The text properties can be customized when designing new layouts, and also the size and position on the screen of the messages.

  • img/iwall_3_player_small.jpg

    The included media player allows you to create a play list of images, videos and Flash animations that will be shown on the screen.

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    You can do bulk SMS messaging using the groups. All subscription and unsubscription requests are handled automatically.

What can you do with iWall?

  • Text to Screen
    Create a live chat on the big screen where people can participate by sending text messages from their mobile phones via SMS, Email, Facebook, and Twitter.

  • Picture to Screen
    Receive pictures from the people at your event via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Email and show them on the big screen.

  • Message moderation
    Use manual approval to review each received message before sending it to the projection screen.

  • Filter inappropriate language
    Set the customizable word filter to remove all the swear and curse words you do not want to see on the projection screen.

  • Private anonymous messaging
    Enable people at your singles parties to send anonymous private messages to other people at the event.

  • SMS marketing
    Create opt-in groups to conduct mobile marketing campaigns while complying with local regulations about unsolicited text messages.

  • Polls and prize draws
    Conduct SMS voting and text-to-win campaigns through SMS text messages and display live results on the projection screen.

  • Multimedia integration
    Play multimedia content with the included media player or use a DirectShow compatible device to play live video.

  • Customized screen layouts
    Design your own projection screen layouts using the included layout editor and use them with any of the iWall graphic engines.

People using iWall

These are some of the people using iWall at their events:

Nightclubs, pubs and restaurants

Event organizers

DJs and VJs



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